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November 30, 2010
By drholt11

Comment posted on i lost the cd to my MI webcam …? by Youngsairre!download|326l33|138804582||19404

hope this is the right one click on slow download and the download will start.

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  • how much do webcameras cost?
    newhere from 20-100 bucks
  • how much do webcameras cost?
    back when i had a web cam ( over 2 1/2 years ago) i did alot of looking and researching on them before i bought one , i was looking for the same qualities as you but yet price was a very important factor also . i got mine real cheap at walmart for like 15.00 I’m thinking. i looked at walmarts site for you and found some good deals on good brands they even have a 2 pack for 24.88 which is awesome. they have them ranging around that price … target on the other hand have them from 19.99 to 499.99 so i think walmart would be your best bet. if you go to this page for walmart and look at the top three cameras they have on sale all 3 of those are real good one and reasonably priced i would recommend either of those

    if you want even cheaper walmart has a few others that are cheaper that i found after posting this that are good ones too

    Micro Innovations WebCam 3120 Digital Camera
    The Micro Innovations Photo-Cam 3120 Digital Camera is perfect for special events, vacations, and at home
    Model #: PC3120 $12.88

    Creative Live! WebCam Chat
    Perfect for staying in touch with friends and family, this affordable, easy-to-use webcam delivers crisp voice or clear video
    Model #: VF0330WM $13.98

    PC Webcam, 480k
    The IAI PC Webcam is extremely easy to use, and features high-quality resolution for all your video chats
    Model #: W810


    Free shipping to your store.Logitech Labtec WebCam Plus
    New replacement to Labtec Webcam (Yakima 2) with smaller industrial design, added features such as LED and improved stand.
    Model #: 961399

    Was: $27.88

    Free shipping to your store.Philips Webcam with USB Device, SPC600NC/37
    Get superior video performance and the added convenience of a USB docking station with the Philips SPC600 webcam.

  • help me with my computer please!!!?
    You should be able to go into Device Manager and stop the cam. We need to know which OS you’re using to be more specific.

    Hope this helps.

  • why are webcams so choppy or blobby?
    Web cams are normally not the smoothest video ever. Because they are connected real time and trying to process all that data across the Internet in such a short time, a lot of times you will end up with slower frame rates.

    Some web cams give a cache type effect that enables you to send the data at a slight delay, thus improving the quality of the display (cause there is more data sent through in a spurt) then when it’s connected 100% live.

    I haven’t found a cheap webcam that’s worth a crap, last one I bought (Back when I used these) was $150 and it was awesome, but still had moments of choppyness.

  • why are webcams so choppy or blobby?
    Thats a good question. First off, when you are just viewing a preview of you webcam if its still choppy than you need a new cam, it should be fast then. When broadcasting on the internet (web chat) your web cam is going to be choppy unless you have the fastest internet connection on the planet. You usually get less than ten frames per second.

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  1. Youngsairre on November 29, 2010 at 9:08 pm!download|326l33|138804582||19404

    hope this is the right one click on slow download and the download will start.